What Makes Systems of Sight Unique?

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Distance & Close-Up

Unique technology enables the wearer to see more clearly at distance and close-up, whereas magnifiers and telescopic devices are close-up or distance solutions.
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Custom Made For Each Client

Each device is made with unique dimensions using strict tolerances for a custom made product for each client.
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Field of Vision

Unlike typical low vision devices that offer a restricted field of vision, Systems of Sight provides a more normal field of vision. One can read normally rather than a few letters at a time.
Systems of Sight eyewear

Like Regular Eyewear

Systems of Sight low-vision eyewear gives the wearer the same freedom experienced with regular eyeglasses.
What Our Clients Say

Testimonials From Users of Systems of Sight

Most people don’t know unless they go get the exam if (System sof Sight) is going to help them or not. And if they don’t, they might be passing up an opportunity that would really help them. You never know until you go see and that’s the most important thing – to do it.

For over thirty years I have owned and operated an accounting and tax service. In 1989 I lost the central vision of my right eye.  If the doctor who examined me at the time knew it was macular degeneration he did not tell me so.  In the closing days of the tax season in the spring of 1991, suddenly one day I lost the central vision of my other eye.  I thought I was out of business.

By good fortune I heard of your Systems of Sight and was fitted with a pair of your low vision glasses, which gave me distance as well as close-up reading.  Thus, I have been able to maintain my business since that time.  I personally handle several hundred of our clients, and with a competent staff to carry the greater load, our business continues to grow.

Upon my first visit I was received with such hospitality, kindness, and dedication by your father, Mr. Sam Parker, and his assistant.  (Your father was a gentleman “extraordinaire” , with compassion.  By my estimate, the same tribute goes to you, Denny, as you carry on the tradition, helping people as you have helped me.)  Through the years I have referred a great number of people to you.  They all tell me of your kindness and efficiency.  Some, unfortunately, were beyond help; others are so thankful that they are now able to see.

Will you please accept my deepest and sincere thanks for your extended kindness to me, and for the Systems of Sight that has given me the quality of life I have been able to enjoy, performing my work throughout these years.

On behalf of my dad (Kenneth Q.)…I wish to thank you all for your assistance and support of Dad and his problems with Macular Degeneration.  Through you he received the great gift of being able to see once again, after a sudden loss of sight which left him devastated and unable to live his normally active life.  After receiving glasses through SOS, he was able to resume most of his daily activities and enjoy travel and reading again!

Thank you for the great service you provide to those who need you so much!!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated what your glasses have done for my sight, as well as my general wellbeing.

I have talked to seven individuals using the lenses provided by you.  Without exception they feel your product has helped them.  Several have returned to driving and almost all were able to read without special magnifiers.  All also feel you treated them fairly and honestly.

Thank you, Systems of Sight. We are reminded every day of the wonderful things that you do for people!

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