What Makes Systems of Sight Unique?

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Distance & Close-Up

Unique technology enables the wearer to see more clearly at distance and close-up, whereas magnifiers and telescopic devices are close-up or distance solutions.
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Custom Made For Each Client

Each device is made with unique dimensions using strict tolerances for a custom made product for each client.
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Field of Vision

Unlike typical low vision devices that offer a restricted field of vision, Systems of Sight provides a more normal field of vision. One can read normally rather than a few letters at a time.
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Like Regular Eyewear

Systems of Sight low-vision eyewear gives the wearer the same freedom experienced with regular eyeglasses.
What Our Clients Say

Testimonials From Users of Systems of Sight

If they couldn’t help you, they would tell you so that you wouldn’t spend more money. As far as I was concerned, they were honest with me all the way through.

For the cost of the consultation, you can test if it works or doesn’t work. And I think when you go down to Denny’s, there’s no pressure. It’s you – the one who makes the decision. If you feel better, you say yes, and if you don’t, you say no. There’s no pressure –  that’s one thing you can relax with that, there’s no pressure involved. You’re the one that makes the decision.

I’ve been wearing them about 20 years and I’m pleased, very pleased with them. I was about to lose my driver’s license…because I couldn’t read the numbers. I could see much clearer, and they took me outside and saw the trees. Instead of a big blob of whatever color – brown or dark green. I was able to drive, after I got the glasses I went back and took the (driving) test, and with the lenses I could read the numbers and was able to continue driving for 15 years. Which was to me, my independence. I guess if you’re and independent person, which I was, it makes a difference.

The thing that I liked about it was it wasn’t a gaudy paraphernalia that they glue on the lenses. I’ve seen some systems for the macular degeneration that looked like a pair of opera glasses that you glued to your glasses. I said, “Well, even if they did help, I wouldn’t wear them anyway  – they look horrible!” I was pleased that no one can tell – if you don’t say anything no one can tell that you’ve got a double lens on your glasses.

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