• Corporate Statement

    Systems of Sight has been providing help to those suffering from macular degeneration and other central-vision impairments since 1987. Our low vision eyewear has proven to be an effective alternative to the “traditional” low vision aids such as magnifiers and telescopic devices. We have helped thousands that are visually impaired improve their quality of life and regain independence throughout the years.

    Our unique eyewear combines the technology of low vision with the convenience and appearance of conventional eyeglasses. This allows freedom of mobility also. Since SOS is not telescopic, the wearer retains a more normal field of vision without noticing the central damaged area.

    SOS eyewear is not limited in use like most low vision aids and are worn for everyday activities, distance as well as reading.

    Systems of Sight is never offered for purchase before a thorough consultation and the improvement of the visual acuity is demonstrated. The final product is custom made for each individual.

    Rediscover your visual independence by:

    a – identifying facial features
    b – watching your favorite TV programs
    c – reading your favorite novel or newspaper
    d – reading price tags and seeing products on the shelves
    e – creating and sharing photo albums
    f – setting times and settings in the kitchen
    g – rediscovering hobbies such as knitting, playing cards, and more
    h – doing crossword puzzles and challenges
    i – reading prescription bottle labels clearly
    j – applying make-up and seeing faces in the mirror for grooming
    k – writing letters or emails to friends and family
    l – embracing self-independence


  • Low Vision Eyewear

    Are you or someone you love suffering from Macular Degeneration or another Central-Vision Impairment? Are you looking to regain your sight, as well as some of your independence? Look no further than the team at Systems of Sight. Our low vision eyewear is designed to help improve your level of vision, despite your vision impairment. You will be able to do a number of everyday tasks by yourself again including reading, writing and even driving

  • Over 25 Years of Service

    We have been helping people with Macular Degeneration since the mid-1980s. Choose us and put our years of experience to work for you.

  • How Does it Work?

    Our low vision device wears like normal eyewear for ease and comfort. Learn more about how our unique device can improve your vision.

  • Is it Right for Me?

    Systems of Sight eyewear isn’t right for everyone. Find out more about the steps we go through to determine if we can help you.

  • How Much Does it Cost?

    We know that cost is important. We lay out all of our prices upfront to make sure you know what you’re paying in advance.

  • Check Out Our Reviews

    People are talking about the many ways our eyewear has improved their quality of life. Check out our testimonials and see the ways we can change your world.

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Welcome to Systems of Sight

  • Systems of SightUNIQUE PRISM TECHNOLOGY: Our unique prism technology redirects images to a healthy quadrant of your macula, allowing you to see more clearly without noticing the central damaged area.

    CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU: Our eyewear is custom made for you to help maximize the potential for your vision. Choose us to help make your world a clearer place. Regain your sight with Systems of Sight