How Does Systems of Sight Work?

It Wears Like Eyewear — Not Telescopic or Magnification

Systems of SightUnlike other low-vision devices, Systems of Sight low-vision eyewear is worn like regular eyeglasses. In addition, Systems of Sight allows wearers to see at a distance as well as close up, helping one regain their independence. This is unlike many other devices that only address distance (telescopic) or close-up (magnification).

Our Unique Prism Technology

The Systems of Sight low-vision device prism technology redirects images to a healthy quadrant of the macula (or island of cones). This allows the wearer to see straight ahead without as much of the interference associated with the central damaged area, or scotoma.

More Normal Field of Vision

Even though there are two lenses per eye, the device is not telescopic due to the minimal separation between lenses. The wearer maintains their full field of vision and depth perception is not affected assuming the wearer is using both eyes.

Rediscover your visual independence by:
a – identifying facial features
b – watching your favorite TV programs
c – reading your favorite novel or newspaper
d –reading price tags and seeing products on the shelves
e – creating and sharing photo albums
f – setting times and settings in the kitchen
g – rediscovering hobbies such as knitting, playing cards, and more
h – doing crossword puzzles and challenges
i – reading prescription bottle labels clearly
j – applying make-up and seeing faces in the mirror for grooming
k – writing letters or emails to friends and family
l – embracing self-independence

Custom-Made For Each Client

Each device is made with unique dimensions using strict tolerances for a custom made product for each client.

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