Rave Reviews

Systems of Sight has been helping our customers improve their vision and help them live a better life despite their macular degeneration or other Central-Vision Impairment (CVI). Read through some of the testimonials below and see what our team can do for you.

It’s an incredible plus with people with Macular Degeneration. It’s just an unbelievable device. I brought a friend with me and I said, ‘No matter what, Jan, don’t you let them sell me anything today.’ I went in and she sat with me while they did the exam. Denny did advise me as soon as I walked in, ‘Don’t to get too excited because we can’t help everyone.’ After it was over, we went in the lobby and talked, and I said, ‘I want them.’ And she said, ‘The look on your face, when you were able to read again, is worth whatever they cost.’

Sylvia P.

My nephew had very bad eyesight. He couldn’t drive anymore. He had a couple of bookstores and he couldn’t handle his own business. He received the lenses that they had made, I guess, a temporary deal so they could tell if they would really do good for him. They put those on him and outside, he said, my goodness, I can read street signs that I couldn’t see before. He couldn’t even see a stop sign before. He could tell by their shape that it was a stop sign, but he couldn’t read the ‘STOP’, but now he could read it. So he was in seventh heaven.

Reit M.

I was without any central vision, and we started looking around to see what we could find out…a friend of mine gave me a brochure from SOS. She lived in St. Petersburg and she went to an optometrist that had the brochures in his office and she sent me one. I immediately said, “I want to go ahead and try the glasses.” I really didn’t see a whole lot of difference when I first put them on…and then that night we went to a little shopping mall that was near where we were staying and I went into a store and I picked up a price tag and I was able to read it. And it was…I just could not believe it.

Miriam Y.

Everyone is different your eyesight is different from mine. But for the small amount they charge for an examination, it’s worth a try. Go – Go! Try it! And you yourself can tell whether it helps or not. I’m very happy that my ophthalmologist sent me to them.

Lillian H.

There are so many gimmicks. One thing I will stake my money on. Those people are just as honest as the day is long. And that’s one thing that I do highly impress on anyone that calls me. They’re not out there to get your money or a gimmick of some sort. They are truly honest, and they don’t try to sell you on the idea. If you don’t think they help you, they don’t try to push you into getting them. They leave it up to you – you determine whether it helps your vision or not. They’re not there to try to sell, they’re there to try to help.

Lillian H.

The thing that I liked about it was it wasn’t a gaudy paraphernalia that they glue on the lenses. I’ve seen some systems for the macular degeneration that looked like a pair of opera glasses that you glued to your glasses. I said, “Well, even if they did help, I wouldn’t wear them anyway – they look horrible!” I was pleased that no one can tell – if you don’t say anything no one can tell that you’ve got a double lens on your glasses.

Lillian H.

I’ve been wearing them about 20 years and I’m pleased, very pleased with them. I was about to lose my driver’s license…because I couldn’t read the numbers. I could see much clearer, and they took me outside and saw the trees. Instead of a big blob of whatever color – brown or dark green. I was able to drive, after I got the glasses I went back and took the (driving) test, and with the lenses I could read the numbers and was able to continue driving for 15 years. Which was to me, my independence. I guess if you’re and independent person, which I was, it makes a difference.

Lillian H.

For the cost of the consultation, you can test if it works or doesn’t work. And I think when you go down to Denny’s, there’s no pressure. It’s you – the one who makes the decision. If you feel better, you say yes, and if you don’t, you say no. There’s no pressure – that’s one thing you can relax with that, there’s no pressure involved. You’re the one that makes the decision.

Josephine M.

Most people don’t know unless they go get the exam if (System sof Sight) is going to help them or not. And if they don’t, they might be passing up an opportunity that would really help them. You never know until you go see and that’s the most important thing – to do it.

Arthur C.